Roof and Gutter Maintenance, Restoration, and Repair Services in Auckland

If you are looking for roof and/or gutter maintenance, restoration, or repair services in Auckland, we can help. We can repair leaks and ensure your roof is waterproof, and we can spray paint your roof to enhance its appearance and help protect it from the elements. Our services also include rust removal, moss treatments, and gutter replacement, wherever you are in Auckland.

We also offer a range of other specialist services, including gutter and house cleaning using specialist materials, clearlight replacement services, and more, with all services delivered by our expert and fully qualified team based in Auckland.

To get a quote for your roof or property maintenance requirements, please get in touch today.

Concrete Roofs

If your concrete roof is damaged or is suffering from wear and tear, water might be getting into your home. In fact, you might already know you have a leak, plus the roof won’t look as good as it should. At Revitalise Roofing, we repair, restore, seal, and waterproof concrete roofs.

Metal Roofs

Bring your metal roof back to life with our comprehensive metal roof restoration and painting services. We’ll make your metal roof look fantastic again while also preventing future rust and ensuring the roof is fully weatherproof.

Decra Tile Roofs

Over time, Decra tiles and Decra tile roofs can start to deteriorate. They can be repaired and restored, however, increasing their effective life and enhancing the appearance of your home. At Revitalise Roofing, we have extensive experience maintaining and improving Decra tile roofs.

Roof Spray Painting

Spray painting your roof will fully protect it from the elements while also making it look fantastic again. Spray painting also strengthens roof tiles, giving long-lasting protection and extending their usable life. At Revitalise Roofing, we apply five coats of paint with high-quality airless spray-painting equipment to get the best possible results.

Roof Rust Removal

If there is rust on your roof, we can help as we specialise in rust removal and treatment services. Our services include applying a specialist rust converter to neutralise the rust. We can also repair any damage the rust has caused to the metal on your roof, as well as to concrete or Decra tiles.

Roof Leak Repairs

Did you know that new roof tiles are only fully waterproof for between five and eight years? After that, they start to become porous, so they can let water into your house. This can cause a range of problems, including further damage. The house can also become damp, and there can be a build-up of mould and mildew.

We fix roof leak repairs at Revitalise Roofing by resealing, repainting, and waterproofing roof tiles.

Roof Mould and Moss Removal

Moss and mould on your roof look horrible, plus they can damage your roof. Therefore, it is important to get any build-up of moss or mould treated as soon as possible. We can help at Revitalise Roofing with our moss and mould treatment and removal services.

House Wash in Auckland

For house washing and cleaning in Auckland, including in East Auckland and Auckland Central, get in touch with us. We use a specialised chemical washing technique to enhance the appearance of the outside of your home.

Waterblast Services in Auckland

At Revitalise Roofing, we also offer a wide range of general waterblasting services throughout East, South, and West Auckland, as well as in Auckland central. This includes water blasting fences and driveways.